We are a member club of Freediving New Zealand and as such have members that compete in regional, national and international freediving events under the AIDA standards, offering world rankings. There are two types of freediving competitions, Pool and Depth as explained below and when they are normally held. Freedivers also frequently compete in related competitions such as Underwater Rugby, Spearfishing, Pole spearing and Fin-Swimming.


  • Static (Breath Hold- going for time)
  • Dynamic (With fin’s – Bi-fin or Mono – distance traveled underwater)
  • Dynamic no Fins (you guessed it – swimming with no fins – distance traveled underwater)


  • Constant Weight (with fins going down and up under your own steam)
  • Free Immersion  (Pulling yourself up and down the line with your arms)
  • Constant Weight No Fins (you guessed it – up and down with no fins)


  • NZ NATIONAL POOL SERIES 2022 – Usually run’s winter from June – September

      – Wellington Winter Champs TBC – @ June

  • Catfish Cull – Feb 2022 Our club has attended in the past and usually organise a group to go down and have a swim to help manage the pest’s in Lake Taupo.
  • NZ National Depth Championships 2022 – 17th March in lake Taupo, with most people basing themselves out of Turangi for the week.
  • AIDA Pan-Pacific Freediving Championships NZ – Auckland – September 2023) – A Biennial International freediving competition, the biggest in the southern hemisphere is a big event in our club calendar and we will be aiming to send a big team to represent Northland especially as NZ are hosting it this time around! Originally planned for 2020, postponed due to Covid-19 this event relies on international travel from overseas competitors, details to be confirmed, and we will endeavor to keep members informed of developments.

For more info please check out the  Freediving New Zealand Event Page