To join you need first to sign up to an induction session via our club portal NOTE: Inductions will not run during Covid Level Red) After a successful induction you are then welcome to sign up as a full or casual member and attend regular training’s. Induction sessions run parallel to our normal training sessions, and are led by a senior club member and limited to max 6 new divers per pool session. We only run 3 sessions per year, typically from April to June so sign up early to secure a spot.

The Club Safety Induction:

This induction is a basic introduction to apnea based pool training and how we run our club training sessions. There is an online Zoom session @ 1 hour monday night – usually from 7-8pm, followed a day or two later by an in pool induction that covers the buddy rescue scenario’s and an introduction to pool freediving disciplines from 6-7:30pm either at the Whangarei public pool.

NB: This induction session is no substitute to a professionally run freediving course, so if you are a complete novice wanting to upskill quickly we do recommend first doing an intro weekend course with a commercial provider and then use our club trainings to build on that knowledge. To make the most of our club we recommend having a minimum skill level of being able to swim on the surface 50m (2 lengths of the pool) non stop and already able to swim close to one length of the pool underwater.

For the first session you will need to bring:

  • Mask or noseclip & goggles
  • A Wetsuit (2.5mm surf wetsuit or a 3 – 5mm OK)
  • Weight belt or neck weight
  • Fins
  • Drink bottle

Provisional Induction dates for 2022 are:

April (pushed back to May 2nd & 3rd: Monday the 2th (online session) + 3th at the Whangārei Aquatic Centre.

June: Monday the 6th (online session) + 7th at the Whangārei Aquatic Centre.

Club Fee’s Are:

Induction – $30 (*Inductions are not permitted during Covid-19 Level Red)
Annual membership fee – $80

If you have done an induction and are unsure about joining, there is an option to pay a casual $10 fee per session for the month following your induction.

Payments are made via our club portal
Your Membership fee covers:

  • Membership to Freediving New Zealand
  • Lane hire for pool training sessions
  • Contributions to the Clubs Medical O2 kit’s cost and maintenance
  • Admin costs – Website & Portal Fees
  • Access to specialized club training equipment – Depth Rigs, Neck weights ect…

Note: If you are just passing through the area and want to give freediving a go while on holiday, we recommend approaching a local dive shop or commercial course provider (i.e: AIDA or Padi Freediving) who might cater to your needs better. Similarly while most of us in the club enjoy spearfishing by default, if all this training doesn’t sound like you and all you want to do is shoot fish all day, we don’t blame you, and highly recommend joining the local Port Valley Spearfishing Club, of which some of us are also members.

For more about other clubs and Freediving in New Zealand, we recommend you check out the Freediving New Zealand website.