We are a non for profit club with the aim of training regularly while giving each other tips and assistance, we don’t provide one-on one coaching although plan on organizing coaching clinics and fun club events for members & family. We train regularly in the pools for six months from April through until September and co-ordinate casual trainings and fun events over summer.  Here is a link to our Constitution if you would like to know more about how our club operates.

To train you will need to have joined our online club portal, completed an induction session and signed up as an annual or casual member. We currently train in the pool twice a week, once in Whangarei on Tuesday nights and in Kawakawa Wednesday nights, during the winter season from late March through to September. We also encourage members to coordinate extra goal-specific training’s through the week and over summer when needed.

There are three main types of pool training: Static, Dynamic 02 and Dynamic CO2. As there is only one fixed training in each town per week we try to have a small static session at the start of each training followed by either 02 (long slow swims with big intervals) or CO2 (short fast swims with small intervals)

Safety is a big part of our club with the mantra ‘always dive with a buddy’, we follow the National Pool Training Standards and have our club Incident Response Plan readily available along with our national guidelines for training at Covid Level 2.


Mask – or goggles and nose clip

Fins – Can be long freediving specific or short swim-fins to (make it harder)

Wetsuit – 2.5m (tri/surf suit) is ideal for dynamic and static sessions, however if you feel the cold, a 3 or 5mm spearfishing wetsuit is fine for an induction/static session. Some Dynamic training’s are OK without a wetsuit but please check the event description before ditching the suit as it usually only works for fast C02 sessions, we always recommend bringing one if you have it anyway.

Weight – Weight belt and weights, or a neck weight.